The Jobs Bill: 15 Million Jobs for Americans

works-bill-picTens of millions of Americans are suffering today because of lost jobs and limited opportunities. I have met and worked with thousands of distressed moms and dads, wonderful people who cannot keep up with their bills because of the economic downturn. These are the people who have made America great, and the people that have motivated me to run for office. The hardest hit unemployment groups are youth and minorities.   This is alarming problem for all Americans need mediation

We have experienced the effects of the wrong economic plan. Today I am making public a better plan in order to help the jobless and all Americans called the Jobs Bill-15 Million Jobs for Americans. This is a very practical and commonsense plan   to put millions of Americans back to work. This is done without government stimulus. This plan will reignite the American economy by providing the best pro-business environment for job creation and give legal help.

America gained 30 million jobs under two Presidents, Reagan and Clinton, but have lost one million jobs in the last decade.  I believe that my plan will create over 15 million jobs within the next 5-10 years, inspire investment in America, and make us competitive again. America’s greatness, or exceptionalism, and economic might will be restored. It is time to protect our businesses.

We will not take second place to China or any other country in the world. This plan will create a pro-growth, pro-friendly and predictable business environment that will send a message to the rest of the world that America is again open for business. My plan does not rely on government stimulus, handouts, bailouts or new government programs. They only end in failure. I prefer a plan that allows businesses to lead the charge of recovery and prosperity with technical help for all ages.


The Penny Pincher Pledge

  • Whereas few in Washington have guarded the Treasury of the United States, which is the People’s money: I WILL
  • Whereas few in Washington have shown any concern with the wasteful spending of Millions, Billions, and Trillions: I WILL
  • Knowing it is the moral duty of my generation to pay off its entire debt, I will work diligently to pave the way for a DEBT-FREE AMERICA: I WILL
  • Not only will I be concerned with the wasteful spending of trillions, billions, and millions, but I will be concerned with the wasteful spending of the dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies on behalf of each American: I WILL

 The Balanced Budget Bill

  • A New Direction For America: America is facing a crisis. Forty-three cents of every dollar spent by the government is borrowed. The amount of our national debt is approaching 70% of the Gross Domestic Product. And President Obama wants to add $9.5 trillion to the debt over the next ten years.
  • “It is the moral obligation of our generation to pay off our debt”.
  • That is why I, am proposing this budget. Under my plan the federal budget is balanced by the year 2017, the national debt is retired in 2033, and the Social Security Trust Fund is restored in 2034.
  • The Budget Will:  Balance the budget by 2017 – Pay off the debt by 2033 –  Restore the Social Security Trust Fund – Not raise taxes

“Let’s STOP Kicking The Can”

The 10 Point Plan To Cure Legislative Inflation

Last year two monstrosities of legislation were born out of Washington: the Affordable Care Act (“Obama Care”) and the Dodd-Frank bill. Together they are nearly 5000 pages and will result in the creation of additional government agencies, rules, and more regulations. The insanity must stop! These are just two examples of the seemingly ceaseless growth of the Federal Government. The amount of legislation coupled with deficit spending must decrease immediately. We cannot stand on the sidelines any longer and drink hot cocoa if we wish to be great; that is why I have put together the “McCormick 10 point legislative plan” to help restore faith in our politicians and in Washington.

1. I will not vote on a bill unless I fully understand what it entails.
2. Every bill must have an economic impact study done.
3. I will write my own legislation.
4. Every bill must include a source as to where it is being funded from.
5. Bills over 100 pages, must be posted for 21 days before a vote; and for 7 days if  it is less than 100 pages.
6. Any amendment to legislation must be germane to proposed legislation.
7. I will only vote on a bill if it is in the best interest of America, not a political party.
8. I will prepare a summary of every bill for the public to read.
9. I will seek feedback from members of the Commonwealth before I vote.
10. Every bill must cite the Constitutional authority.